February 07, 2005

Why I don't like films..

watched ‘geet gaaya patharon ne’ in the afternoon. I watched it before, long back. Don’t remember when. So, I watched it again today. It’s such a good film with beautiful songs, especially the title song. One hardly comes across such films today. Not even the kind of meaningful lyrics written in those days. Every film nowadays depicts the same ‘boy falls for a girl’ (sometimes the other way round too!) kind of themes. And, whenever I hear the music and all the beats and ridiculous lyrics, I feel so irritated and sometimes I laugh at them. Maybe, that is why I don’t like movies being run these days.

The true essence of film-making is gone. Now, you will be surprised if I say that I might have watched hardly ten films in the last couple of years. And, the morale of it- I didn’t like even one. They were just testing my patience rather than providing me with any sort of entertainment or relaxation. I don’t like even the subtle humour used nowadays. I don’t know how others manage to watch such films and moreover make them huge hits!

I wonder how people tell others about the standard of a film, whether or not it’s good. I always wanted to know how they rate films and on what basis they say all that. Maybe, they just go with their personal feel regarding the film. But, a personal opinion is ubiquitously personal. Then, why do they try and rub their opinions on me? Least do they know that I never consider other’s opinion for deciding whether or not to watch a film. At least, I won’t end up wasting three hours of precious time and there would be no need for me at all to repent later. And, that’s something I hate doing.

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