February 24, 2005

Easy commenting

Finally the blogger people have introduced something which was really wanted. I was longing to have a pop-up comment box and was about to shift to haloscan. The blogger fellows should have done this long back. Better late than never. Previously, only registered blogger users were allowed to comment in their blogs apart from the anonymous option, which usually most of the readers don’t like to prefer. Now that the easy-to-comment facility has been made handy, I don’t think anybody should have a problem commenting in blogger pages.

By the way, who said that writers write for others to read it? At least I don’t write for others. I write for myself. I wrote and will always write the way I feel like writing. Nobody can stop me from doing that. Moreover, its my blog. I don’t compel others to read my stuff. I will keep writing no matter if they read it or not. If someone reads my blog, then he/she is most welcome. Not only to read but also to comment! :D

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