February 26, 2005

Deep impacts of the great!

I have experienced this many a time. Today it leaped out knowing no bounds. I have always admired Swami Vivekananda. My so-called library boasts of two books on him-one by an Indian author and the other by a British. I must have read the first one many times. Whenever I go for a morning walk, I pass by the Ramakrishna math located at a medium distance away from my house. The main door of the math remains open all the time. It was built such that one can get a 60 degree angle view of the inner math from the main gate itself or from the road leading to it.

The first glimpse one gets when one enters through the main gate is that of a huge portrait of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, sitting calm in the traditional cross-legged way (the posture of the padmasana in yoga) in deep meditation. Whenever I look at the portrait and its surroundings, I feel in harmony with them. Today, it surpassed all the bounds of the rigid human nature- its apprehensions, worries and doubts. I experienced such tranquility that for a moment I felt awed at the very thought of what it was doing to me. I made my way out of that place in spite of the urge to go inside. I wonder what it would have been like had I stepped inside.

It is Vivekananda who has always captured me with his principles of sociability and universal religion-humanity, more than Paramahamsa. But, may be a guru is much more wise and knowledgeable than his student. And, all that a student learns and preaches is in fact something that he inherits from his guru himself. So, if you adore or worship a person, then his/her guru is more worthy of being worshiped.

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