February 11, 2005

Times change, so do people!

I myself wonder that I’ve become somewhat philosophical these days. Want any proof? Read ahead. This was my comment on one of the posts in someone else’s blog. Don’t wonder!

“Self is re-incarnation of truth”.I’m no preacher. But, as far as I know I’ll preach (now whatever that will mean to you). This is what I have learned all these years in my life. When you talk of being masked in front of others or when you have to live with them, the question here is really not of getting masked or something. But, it is much more concerned with the fact that you conceal your self or veil it when you start mingling with people, who, most of the times are quite different from you. And, you do this either to see yourself happy in their company or to see them happy in yours.

I said re-incarnation because every time you sit for yourself and start seeking answers for those questions for which answers can be sought not from anyone else but from ‘you’, you will face what is called ‘truth’- an eternal truth, an inevitable truth and an indefensible truth- of the purpose of your existence, of your belief in this purpose and in others who will make you realize this very purpose, of the realization of your capabilities and limitations as well, of every minute thing that can make you or break you.

This truth is something which will come to you only when you start searching for it. So, every time you try to unveil this truth, you will in turn unveil your ‘self’. And, when you realize your ‘self’, you yourself realize the ‘truth’ which will lead you to that very purpose or many other purposes you define for yourself. All this will hold only when you are honest with yourself. But, if you defy your conscience, then it is something which nobody can help you at, not even ‘you’.

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