April 28, 2005

After a while...

Only two exams left. I took one on signal processing yesterday. My set (paper) was the toughest one. I managed well though. I’m a bit scared about the last exam which I will be taking on the 5th of May. It’s an advanced course in my chosen field of technology – Advanced control systems. We studied control systems in the last sem. And, this is not the end of it because we have Adaptive control systems in the next sem. Good god! - Whoever designed these courses.

Laxmi told me that our internal marks were on display the other day. But before I could get a glimpse of my marks, they were taken off the board. Thank god! otherwise it would have been another scary day for me. I never understood this particular gesture of displaying everyone’s marks in front of the examination cell by our college for everyone to get to know one’s marks. If they are outstanding or par excellence in academics, then its pretty fine and it’s also something which you can, for a while, take pride in. But, what if they are scaled down the list? Who ever will enjoy such statistics or situation?

This time I didn’t want my Computer networks’ marks to be displayed in public; I couldn’t manage to score well in it. And, any guesses on what my next exam is? – Computer Networks!! So, let me make this blog rest for sometime while I go and take on the mighty networks.

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  1. All the best for your exams

    particularly CN
    Actually CN is very easy, if stop thinking what "lecturere" thought and start thinking how will you design that particular requirement and how it is actually designed!