April 04, 2005


I'm not pretty sure about my readers but ask others who witnessed my poetry skills. They never ask whether I've written any new HIndi poems or not. I don't understand the reason behind it- they could either not understand them or not interested (?) in them. You (blog readers) also might find it difficult to digest my Hindi poems (how many did you publish, by the way?). Hey! that is the reason why I'm not publishing them. I like poetry- be it reading others' poems or writing my own. I published only one of my Hindi poems (Talaash)in this blog.

Though, my mother tongue is not Hindi, I manage to write poems in Hindi. (I may not be as fluent as I am in Telugu but I can read, write and speak in Hindi) Thanks to my 3 years stay in Delhi. Comparably, my Telugu poems are better than my Hindi ones. I write small poems in Hindi without much vocabulary requirement. :D

I wanted to publish my Telugu poems directly (i.e. no transliteration) but had to face some technical problems and lack of time to solve them. Finally, I've been able to solve them. And, from now onwards I'll be posting my Telugu poems now and then (whenever I feel like). But, my best poems will always be with me. If you are someone whom I know, then you can read them personally. :-)

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