April 19, 2005

computer wiz!

That's what I am going to become if I open my computer again. My system broke down for the umpteenth time. Every time it goes down and I keep opening my processor to find the fault. Now my mouse isn't working. It says some USB device failure. I think now there's some problem with the mother board. So, I've to open it again. Just a couple of times more and I would be ready to build a new computer myself becuase I've almost got used to each and every hardware component on the chips. Let me see if I can do that in a more economical way. :D


  1. good,

    I am remembering those days, when we used to open systems and do (try to do) lot of stuff!
    It was fun.

    But now I don't think we need them. Do we?

  2. We can't take our system for repair everytime. Especially, if it is a minor problem. We can do that ourself. But, if it's something major like a system crash due to some virus attack or hardware failure, then we have to get it repaired somewhere.