April 08, 2005

Exams again!

Exams are fast approaching. Now, you might ask what I’m doing here instead of studying for my exams. God only knows how I’m able to cope with my acads. I was never interested in technical fields like engineering. It was just a traditional choice (this is what I call conformism). Now that I’ve made that choice by myself, I’ll have to stand by it whatsoever. And, I think I’ve been successful at that to some extent- I didn’t flunk any course till now. Thank god! I can’t even imagine an F grade on my marks list. Though, I managed to pass a few (very few) of them with a small yet a visible margin. Courses like electronic measurements, operating systems etc. which I hated studying. But, I always got cent in mathematics. We studied engineering mathematics for three semesters.

I’m trying really hard to give my average a big push. It’s decent enough, though. But, I’m not satisfied as usual. And, I really hope my programming skills get improved. Programming and languages are a big no-no with me. I just hate it. But, as I said, a choice made once should be justified. That’s what I’m trying to do- justifying my choice, reasonably.

I heard many people saying that justifying something which you yourself don’t believe in is wrong. I don’t think so. The choice I made may not be in my favour. Yet, if not to prove myself, at least I’m trying to justify my expectations and decision. Good or bad- I made a decision. It’s my duty to stand by it and see through it successfully because if I fail, I’ll never be able to make any decision again in my life with such stability and confidence.

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