March 04, 2005


I never thought I will have to write on anonymity some day. But had to, after reading an anonymous comment in my blog recently. And, my reply was this.

"I don't encourage anonymity in my blog. If you are not a blogger user, then you have the 'other' option provided at the bottom of this window. If you still want to go with your anonymous identity then it is your wish."

Sometimes, I really wonder why people have to sound so anonymous when they have their unique identity. I don't think one might sound less foolish or much wiser staying anonymous. I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude and if this has hurt you. But, my intentions are just to make you feel free to comment in my blog. Now, that doesn't mean that any sort of (abhorrent) comments would be accepted. I think I need to repeat myself again that this blog is after all, mine!

Comments are welcome. :)

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