March 29, 2005

Yet another farewell party added to our college calendar! We had thrown a party for our seniors. And, it turned out to be quite a big bash (hey! It was a hit). After all, it was arranged by me (Indu? Ok, my friends were with me). Our seniors tried to rag us, as though it wasn’t sufficient in our fresher year in college. The best thing about the party was the food. It was too delicious to resist eating.

The party started at 7:00pm and went on up to 11:30pm at night. We had lots of fun. We presented the GATE rankers (of course, only those with very good percentile) with small mementos. We had actually planned many other events too-like ‘Mr. Senior’, ‘Ms. Senior’, ‘Best look of the night’ etc., but couldn’t slot them within the stipulated time. Well, no regrets even then. The party was a hit and we were cool (relaxed!) because last time it got cancelled due to some problems. We had loads of fun.

Did someone say that all is well that ends well?

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