March 01, 2005

Link back

My previous post must have given you a direct hint regarding the book I’ve finally started reading after a lot of doubts – The God of Small Things. I’m quarter-way through the book. So, can’t say anything as of now. But, somewhere it gives me a hint of woman-hood, if I’m not mistaken. I can’t judge it, though. (Hey! I said that I haven’t finished yet. So let me take some time). On the contrary, I feel that it can’t make compulsive reading.

May be, I would be able to judge more precisely after I finish the exercise-reading! (Did someone say that reading is to mind what exercise is to body?)


  1. You do seem to be a smart writer. So you write poems by any chance?

    a seeker

  2. a seeker: yes, I do write. Not only poetry but prose too.

  3. I don't encourage anonymity in my blog. If you are not a blogger user, then you have the option 'other' provided at the bottom of this window. If you still want to go with your anonymous identity, then it is your wish