March 25, 2005

What's there in a name?

Many of you may or may not agree with me in this context, but I believe it- The title of a blog gives some hint about its blogger. Whenever I visit a blog for the first time, I try to analyze its title. It may not give out a vivid description of the blogger, but it definitely will tell something about the person. In this scrutinizing process, I could understand some of the bloggers (I don’t find it necessary to mention their names in this context). Now, you might ask whether it works every time. It may not happen that way all the time. But, in most of the cases it will be true.

Many asked me the basis on which I named my blog (now, don’t exaggerate indu! All right, five or six). They wanted to know the hidden meaning of it. Those made me write a post regarding it. I never mentioned it though. This reminds me of ‘I Do’ as I said in my earlier post. It is the name of the cruise owned by Gail Wynand, a character from the book, ‘The Fountainhead’.

I’m not an open book, but I don’t mind sharing a few of my personal thoughts with you. My earlier post with the same title as that of my blog’s title can be read

Now, do you agree with me?


  1. Induji,
    Okey nice to know that, you write for your own. But having a commenting facility here I stopped. Wish you a VIBGYOR life ahead. Happy HOLI.

  2. Prem:Thank you. Same to you

  3. Who does this 'all' refer to in your peom? i hope you kjnow what i mean.