March 09, 2005

Missed verse

“Koti koti kanttha kalakala-ninaada-karaale
Dwisapta koti bhujayirdhritha kharakaravaale
ke bole maa tumi abale
bahubala-dhaarineem namaami taarineem
ripudala-vaarineem maataram”

-Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

I don’t understand why this part of ‘Vande maataram’ was omitted regardless such depth in it. Especially, the third and fourth lines praising our country as a powerful woman. In fact, this verse is far more beautiful than the existing two.


  1. the second line reads
    "Dwisapta koti, bhujayeedhritakaravaale" and not
    "koti koti...." as you wrote.

    I too am not sure why they omit such a wonderful piece of literature during the public performances of vandemaataram.

  2. ganapati: Thanks for that.