March 15, 2005

U.P. journey briefed- I

I’m just back, after traveling 4000 Kms approximately. It’s a long journey. Not tiresome, though. There’s nothing special nor was it monotonous. Just that we could actually see what we had missed out a couple of years back. And, a good feel of the Northern winds. Moreover, now I’ve got a lot to write or blog- enriched experiences and relentless influx of thoughts making way for a new lease of life (?) Who cares, so long as I lead a happy and willing life? And, get what I aspire for.

Yes, I do agree that thoughts (see 'A Thought')
show what you are and what you could be. Thoughts come out of our conditioning. It will always be reflected in them. On the contrary, we can condition our thoughts too. But, that will require a great deal of self-will and/or persistence- a job not so easy.

Now, let me stop this for a while as I get back to the main part of this post- my journey. It was a five-day journey mostly covered on road and in the air. We didn’t take too many snaps. I don’t know why but I’ve lost interest in posing for photographs, eventually. If someone asks me my hate-list, then posing for photographs would surely be there in it- if not at the beginning, then somewhere in between. Now, don’t ask me my love-list because I myself doubt if there is any at all.

Rest (of it) later for I’ve to rest now! :D

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