March 04, 2005

Not happy with the way it is

I planned to make my blog look the way I wanted it to be. I wanted to post my Telugu poems. But, now I think I have to settle down satisfying myself with transliteration. This particular technique where you write something taken from a different language in English is referred to as ‘Rice Inverse Transliteration’. For example, writing maa in English which actually is a Hindi word.

I dug all possible search engines, but couldn’t lay my hands on any promising Telugu software. There’s no such site which can provide me with sufficient Telugu lipi. Found one. But, after all the pains of downloading it, it failed to work. :(

Just can’t imagine my blog with transliterated poems all over. I feel that the beauty of the language and the poems in turn will be lost if they are transliterated. Do I have another go now? Can someone help me sort this out? I want them to be posted in Telugu itself and am not at all willing to post them, otherwise. But, if I don’t get good software, then I’ll have to think of it (transliteration). :-/


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