March 10, 2005

Man vs Robot

This discussion came into light in our recent ‘Robotics and Flexible Automation’ class. I felt that whatever our professor said was true enough to give it a thought. He was giving a lecture on robot imaging sensors. After getting a reply from a student that a robot works intelligently with sensors in return to his question regarding the use of sensors in robots, he said this- “Unfortunately we are not in a position to understand the fundamentals of many intelligent functions that a man or even an animal has.” And, it is so true. Although the lecture went ahead of this and traced back its way in relevance to the topic being discussed, my mind just got stuck there. I was thinking about it.

Really, human is such a beautiful creation of God. It is believed that a human brain is approximately equal to some millions of computer memories drawn together. Still, we hardly make use of even a 10% of it! All right, I agree that even I don’t use mine to that extent. If only I could…

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