March 10, 2005

Exam or exercise?

It was a really tough one today. Not because of the quality of the questions we had to attempt. But, the quantity! Imagine- no foremost preparation of any kind. Just banging our heads at the books in the library. Groping all kinds of answers. Skipping lunch in between. And, after all these pains and tensions we took, you must have been there to see what our faces looked like upon reading the question paper. Five questions of sixteen mark each to be written in just two hours. And, to top it all, we were asked to provide all sorts of rubbish figures (at least they make no relevant sense to me) neatly sketched!

Indeed, a strenuous exercise rather than an exam. I didn’t understand what they wanted to test- knowledge or writing speed?

Even then, not every time they can get a chance to feel mighty. This time we (my batch) won through. Managed to salvage the impression our prof. (By the way, the exam was on Networks) has on us.

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